Q2 2022 Client Communications (Advisor Dashboard)

Your Q2 Client Account Statements for the quarter ending June 30, 2022, were posted on July 15th, 2022. An e-mail notifying clients who have opted-in for e-statements was sent on the same day. Those clients opting for paper statements will receive delivery no later than July 20, 2022.

Please note that your clients will also receive the print and digital Wealth Guide with helpful articles about the recent market volatility and rising interest rates.  We hope they find this information educational and reach out to you with any questions. 

New Account Statement Design

Don’t forget that we made changes to the account statement to make it easier for your clients to navigate the document and find information. The account statement document is now divided into three separate sections:

  • Account Statement
  • Performance Report
  • Charges and Compensation Report

Be prepared for questions about Account Statements

With enhanced reporting, your clients may have questions about how their investments performed and how much they paid in fees and charges.

In accordance with reporting requirements, we report client performance based on a money-weighted rate of return calculation also known as internal rate of return. 

In anticipation of client questions, you can always refer a client to the Understanding Your Personalized Rate of Return article on your website. It explains how money-weighted rate of return differs from time-weighted rate of return.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with it in anticipation of client questions so that you're able to provide well-informed responses.