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CM_2022-01; New Trusted Contact Person Form

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Date Issued:

January 4, 2023

As you know, amendments to National Instrument 31-103 come into effect on January 1st, 2022 requiring a Financial Advisor and GP Wealth Management to take reasonable steps to obtain from a client the name and contact information of a Trusted Contact Person (TCP).

With written consent from a client, a Financial Advisor or supervisory staff may contact the TCP to inquire about or confirm any concerns such as:

  • the possible financial exploitation of the client
  • the mental capacity of the client as it relates to making a decision involving financial matters
  • the name and contact information of a legal representative of the client, if any
  • the contact information of the client

To meet this new requirement, a new stand-alone Trusted Contact Person Form has been created to be used to “Add”, “Update” or “Remove” a TCP.

The amendments also require reasonable steps to keep the TCP information current.

To support the new requirement, the New Account Application Form (NAAF) and Know-Your-Client Form (KYCF) have been updated to include a question asking a client whether they would like to appoint a TCP.

If a client responds “Yes”, then a TCP Form must be completed and included with the NNAF or KYCF.

The form is available in W.investment as a prefill form and the Advisor Document Centre on your website. Click here to download the new Trusted Contact Person Form.

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