Operations Memo

OM_2022-07; MFDA, Bonding & Corporate E&O Fees

For more information, contact:

Advisor Services Team

Date Issued:

July 4, 2022

Please be advised that the annual MFDA, Bonding and Corporate E&O Fees invoice will be posted and sent to you shortly.

This year it was necessary to increase the Bonding Fee from $200.00 to $216.00 to reflect higher cost while the MFDA Fee and the Corporation E&O Fee will also increase from last year to $2,258 and $221 respectively.

The Corporate E&O coverage is necessary to ensure the firm is properly represented on any litigation from a client issuing a complaint against a financial advisor and GP Wealth Management.

Please note that the 3-payment option will no longer be available, and the full amount will be deducted from your next commission payroll.

As always, if you have questions or comments, contact the Advisor Services Department by email at advisorservices@gpwealth.ca.